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dr rashmi kamal ias biodata

My research examines fifteenth-century Middle English religious literature, a great deal of which is translated from earlier Latin sources, and the differences between the source and the translated work. Nominated by Dr Sam Adelman, School of Law. She is Assistant Professor, and Vice-Head of the Department of Clinical Pathology of the Medical School at UFMG, Brazil. I am a founding co-editor of Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry. She is now working on a new project “Narrators of the Second Sino-Japanese War in Postwar Britain”, and this project will benefit from her time at Warwick. Professor Gallagher is a leading Canadian education scholar who invokes the power of theatre to educate students in elementary and high schools about complex social issues. I have three years of postdoctoral experience in in-vivo calcium imaging using head-mounted mini cameras in awake mice at the University of Warwick (School of Life Sciences). He has three patents deposited and one software registry. He got interested in the preliminary results from the collaboration of Professor Roemer and Professor Chakrabarti involving the decorated lattices. Professor Farred, from Africana Studies and Research Centre at Cornell University, has published in a range of areas, including postcolonial theory, race, formation of intellectuals, sport's theory, and cultural studies and literary studies. Whilst at Warwick Mark compiled the scientific case for a submission of an ESPRC fellowship to be held at Warwick. I hold a BA and MA degree in Philosophy from University of Padova (Italy). He holds an interest in the political economy of work and labour and have published articles on theorising different forms of labour within comparative capitalisms research. Margot is currently Principal Investigator on the project 'East India Company at Home, 1757-1857' as well as being a Trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum and a REF History Sub-panel member, and also recently served as Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society. My expertise in urban cultural policy (in cities) will also allow me to participate in Dr Vickery’s contribution to Coventry’s Positive Images Festival (June 2019), as well as a seminar at the Warwick Offices in Brussels -- on the future of cultural policies for cultural diversity (particularly in relation to the UNESCO managed UN 2005 Convention on cultural diversity). Drumbl's book, Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2007) has won commendations from the International Association of Criminal Law (U.S. national section) and the American Society of International Law. Dr Jan Völkel has been a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (IES-VUB) since February 2017, working on The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation processes. While this study is broadly structured in the context of the antipolitics of modernity, his other particular areas of interest are colonial Marathi print networks, archival politics, and food cultures. Nominated by Dr Michael Scott, Classics and Ancient History. Since 2011, I have focused on literary translation, my most recent translation being Antonio Iturbe’s The Librarian of Auschwitz (2017). She has a record of innovative and high-profile research at the crossroads of the histories of South Asia and the British Empire in the 19th and 20th centuries. My fields of expertise include activitybased proteomics, mass spectrometry and disease assays in various plantpathogen systems. More generally now, my research is focussing on the production and incorporation of the wider family of 2D materials that have since been discovered. The preliminary findings of his thesis have been published in the leading international and interdisciplinary journal Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. My research examines clinical communication with a particular focus on investigating and improving NHS written discharge communications. How do these experiences and contexts challenge our notions of translation (authorship; uses of communication), transnationalism (polity and translation), multiculturalism (identity and translation)? I am a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry, currently developing molecular systems for applications in medical diagnostics and therapy. Afterwards, he moved to industry and worked at DAF Trucks for the development of novel heavy-duty catalytic converter systems. He has also been visiting professor at ULC (summers of 2007 and 2008), visiting scientist at CSIRO (2013) and has been appointed adjunct visiting professor at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2016). During the period of the fellowship, she shared her expertise on reform of sexual violence laws and its intersections with sexuality rights, contemporary trends in witch hunting, and on international lobbying on gender and rights issues via her work with and on the UN human rights institutions. Her publications include ‘Examining US News Media discourses about North Korea’ (Discourse and Society 2014), ‘Renarrating the Victims of WWII through Translation: So Far from the Bamboo Grove and Yoko Iyagi’ (Target 2017), ‘Newsweek discourses on China and their Korean translations: A corpus-based approach’ (Discourse, Context and Media 2017). He currently holds the Canadian Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment and Care Research. The IAS programme will help me to build interdisciplinary networks and collaborations. As a Residential Fellow he explored opportunities for collaboration with Warwick Medical School and Wariwck Law School in relation to research on educational and health provision in Palestine and elsewhere in the region. I colead the ‘Collaborative translation: a model for inclusion’ project, in collaboration with colleagues in Monash, with a focus on the uses of translation in the language classroom (2016-17). My WIRL-COFUND project examines how and with what consequences the value of safety is changing in post-crisis finance, looking at: 1) Historical and theoretical parameters of safe assets; 2) Systemic and systematic risk; 3) Safety in collateral-based finance and 4) Changing valuation frameworks of safety. (+44)(0) 24 761 50565. In my research I combined combinatorial methods and ideas with coding to study algebraic objects. Thomasin joined the IAS in 2018 with a background in teaching and research. As a materials scientist, I am highly interested in creating advanced materials with superior properties and appealing functions that can not only improve our daily life but also address sustainability and a circular economy. Dr Perlin’s work is in public collections including MoMA, Seattle Art Museum, the Five Colleges, MA, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and numerous private collections. This project examines the politics of seventeenth-century biblical adaptations in the Dutch Republic and England.Previously, I was an AHRC-funded postdoctoral researcher on the digital humanities project ‘Networking Archives’ at Queen Mary University, London. His work is centered in Molecular and Cell Biophysics, namely on the application of state-of-the art fluorescence methodologies, both in ensemble average and under the microscope, allowing to retrieve topological and dynamic information. She also gave the keynote at Warwick's conference on Victorian Worlds in Comparison, thinking about current conflicts and opportunities in the ways scholars approach our past and imagine a future, both as "Victorianists" and as humanists more broadly. Nominated by Professor Rudolf Roemer, Department of Physics. My research interests lie in the field of inorganic chemistry, and how we can use metal ions to form intricate molecular structures for medical applications; drug-like molecules are designed with specific structural shapes and physical properties in order to interact with the biological molecules in our bodies, and induce a response, whereas diagnostic molecules are designed to give some form of information read-out, ideally with no adverse effects and thus minimal interaction with the chemistry of our body. I am a postdoctoral researcher in WMG. Philip’s research on this topic documents how: bookmakers target specific behavioural biases in their advertising, how this advertising has become more sophisticated over time, and how exploitative gambling products have spread throughout the industry. Motivated by the ambition to develop an international relations perspective for the emerging field of politics and performance scholarship, this research will benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations facilitated by the IAS. It looks at how networks of western discipleship were mobilised for a series of representative projects around India and Indians in the early 20th century. She has been an important interlocutor of Jacques Derrida and before entering academia, she was a union organizer for many years. Although the importance of well-being should never be underestimated, my PhD research offers an original theory of how we can cultivate flourishing. Fatima Festic has worked as a Professor, Lecturer and Research Fellow in the humanities and comparative literature at various universities in USA, Western and Eastern Europe, South Africa and Turkey. I completed my PhD in mechanical engineering on Numerical simulation of rarefied gas flow in micro and vacuum devices; with Prof. Henning Struchtrup at University of Victoria (Canada) in the year 2014. His main research interest is political economy and public economics, with a special focus on the interaction between formal and informal institutions, such as norms, attitudes, and beliefs, from both an analytic and empirical perspective. I am also the co-founder and co-organiser of the Warwick Memory Group and work as a research assistant for the GRP ‘Connecting Cultures’. My publications' record shows an interdisciplinary view on Classics: in my last article, I examine Claudius' speech in the Ad Polybium. A module leader and visiting lecturer with the department of Film & TV Studies, I am responsible for a sizeable portion of the undergraduate TV studies provision. As a WIRL-COFUND fellow, I will explore the concept of asylum as a contradictory symbol of inclusion within the Nation and Europe. Dr Brown is one of the leading scholars of poetry and poetics of his generation. As a leading film and television scholar in Canada, Jennifer Vanderburgh’s work has enriched our understanding of the interconnections between culture, citizenship, and collective memory. Nominated by Dr Claire Blencowe, Department of Sociology. I received my PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, where I worked on developing culture-independent bacterial detection methods for quick identification of bacterial sepsis and antibiotic persistence. Nicola won the 2018 Complementary Therapy Awards Federation of Holistic Therapy Research Award for her work on the WHHQ. Dr Marsden recently took up a postdoctoral position at the University of Manchester. He is currently orienting five doctoral students, two masters, one scientific initiation fellow. During her fellowship, Marta will study prostate cancer glycobiology for the design and development of a novel multiplexed biosensor with the aim of improving current diagnostic approaches. We will focus on the development of the novel model of coherent models of cognition inspired by models of system dynamics. The choice of the bioethics curriculum has allowed her to investigate the interconnections between medicine and religion with respect to the African cultural tradition. The research question deals with the role of training and internships in enabling young people to get more secure jobs and develop their careers. Following on from her Ph.D. which was principally focused on Paris, Clare’s current research investigates theatre in the French provinces and its diffusion across Europe during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period. Telephone: 024761 50876 He received his PhD in International Relations from the University of Denver in March 2018, his MA, also from the University of Denver in 2014, and his BA in International Affairs from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts in 2008. Nominated by Dr. Natércia das Neves Rodrigues Lopes. It uses these relationships as a lens through which to explore class, gender, and political issues in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. My first monograph The Emergence of the Lyric Canon explores the complexities of the process of canonisation of lyric poetry and is under contract for publication with Oxford University Press. Nominated by Dr Ross Forman, English & Comparative Literary Studies. Nominated by Dr Helen Wheatley, Department of Film & Television Studies. Philip completed a PhD at Stirling’s Behavioural Science Centre in 2016, and was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Munich. To date, he has supervised 2 PhD theses to completion and is currently supervising 4 PhD Students. His thesis was focused on developing network statistical methods to describe the human ‘connectomics’ in healthy and disordered subjects. His project investigates cultural exchange across the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and North Africa, particularly Italy and Algeria, at the end of the colonial era (1960-1966). She is a social/health psychologist focusing on ableism, or prejudice towards disability. Dr Struthers’ principal research area is Human Rights Education (HRE) at both the domestic and international levels. Dr Weiss is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at York University and a Clinical Psychologist. Nominated by Professor Richard Walton , Chemistry. By examining declassified government documents, I argued that the British state acted to liberalise the City of London as a desperate, ad hoc strategy to govern both the global profitability crisis of the period and the immediate demands of the British electorate. Since poets travelled from court to court, tracing the connections between melodies allows us to walk through their itineraries, creating a map of literary relationships. Telephone: 024765 74423 the sort of self-knowledge about their own character or dispositions people usually regards as improvable and enhancing the moral integrity. I recently completed my PhD thesis on the influence of word’s diversity across linguistic contexts on early word acquisition. In this regard, research on the use of mobile and e-money and the digitisation of financial transactions will support the efforts of African governments and their development partners in ensuring active & beneficial participation of SSA in a global digital economy. Rebekah's research interests include world literature, transcultural memory, and Jewish-Muslim relations across the Mediterranean. She is part of the research centre PoliTeSse – Politics and Theories of Sexuality and GIFTS – Italian Network of Gender, Intersex, Feminist, Trans-feminist and Sexuality Studies. Nicola developed and validated the WHHQ for her PhD with Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown and Dr Helen Parsons of Warwick Medical School, Health Sciences Division. Workshops and focus groups were held in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu, attended by over 50 theatre practitioners. In 2017, he worked under the direction of Olivier Bouin and Marc Fleurbaey on the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP). Dr Renu Yadav has nine years of teaching experience in the field of Education. He joined the Department of History at Warwick in 2007. Nominated by Dr Volkan Degirmenci, Department of Engineering. My dissertation studied the critiques of technical-scientific understandings of life and sex developed in post-Heideggerian French thought (Irigaray, Simondon, and Foucault). Given the interdisciplinary approach of my research, my work integrates well within the vibrant environment of the IAS. My current research focuses on twentieth-century French philosophy (especially Foucault and Canguilhem), and the revival of Hellenistic tradition within modern and contemporary philosophy. During my master, I have studied for one year at the philosophy department of Université Paris-Sorbonne IV (France). Liam Semler is Professor of Early Modern Literature at the University of Sydney and project leader of the collaborative partnership ‘Better Strangers’ which runs the open-access Shakespeare Reloaded website. The third problematizes the nature of belonging and deterritorialization in the context of sacred spaces. My study was funded by the Chancellor international scholarship. Harold Moyse is a Research Fellow at Warwick University, his work focuses are machine learning applied to text datasets, mathematical and biochemical tools for improving transplant outcomes, and wider mathematics and machine learning techniques in protein biochemistry. Nominated by Dr Thomas Hudson, Mathematics Institute. I place particular focus on exploring how new players are socialised through team narratives and discourses. She visited Warwick for a second time, the first being in 2013, to set up a collaboration with the Global History and Culture Centre. She is a PhD from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and has worked as a postdoc at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA and the University of Cambridge. His current research incorporates his interests in Renaissance reception of Latin antiquity, Italian Petrarchism, and Renaissance Neo-Latin poetry. Funded by the Wolfson Foundation, her doctoral research explores Francophone Maghrebi dialogic perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, underpinned by the traumatic legacies of the Holocaust and colonialism. While at Warwick, I assessed current and developed new approaches to Translation and Interpreting Studies. Since his graduation, Hofmann has successfully acquired and headed projects worth more than 2 million euro. Her current research is focused on understanding the neurocognitive pathways behind cancer related neurocognitive impairment (CRNI) and managing insomnia/circadian rhythm disruption in cancer. I have been teaching assistant for undergraduate modules in both these institutions. Outside of the academic world, Victor also has a number of other interests - prior to entering MOAC, he had completed two unrelated bachelor degrees: music technology and biochemistry, he also taught multiple skills including musical instruments, martial arts and badminton. My doctoral project examined adolescent children and discipline in schools. My fields of expertise include molecular biology (CRISPR/Cas9 development), bioinformatics, plant genetics, and nematology. I am passionate about microbes, science communication and teaching. In October 2015, I was a Dobbin Scholar at Dalhousie University, and from January–June 2017, a Fulbright–NUI Visiting Researcher at Princeton University. Nominated by Dr Christine Achinger and Dr James Hodkinson, School of Modern Languages & Cultures. Kathleen Bogart is Associate Professor of Psychology at Oregon State University. During his fellowship Professor Farred gave several talks on James Baldwin’s Notion of the “Negro”, began drafting a research network funding proposal and prepared a large paper on Translating African Thought and Literature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from MIT, and an MA in Biostatistics and a PhD in Health Services and Policy Analysis from UC Berkeley. In March 2018 I took up a lectureship in India. He is an expert in the field of quantum chaos, which aims to understand how high-frequency waves behave in chaotic environments. She is associated with different educational agencies working in the field of inclusive education. My research centred primarily on the legacy of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) as authors of Latin literature, as educators, and as missionaries to the Guarani Indians. I am currently using my ECR Fellowship to boost knowledge sharing between industry and academia, in respect to evidence-based digital design practices. Such tactile and beautiful technologies play a major part in how people view and respond to the world, whether it be Chinese automata or other intricately designed devices, such as a smartphone. She has written more than 30 research papers in national and international journals with impact factor Her interests also include social outreach programmes and theatre. The first question is about the social production of the space, particularly in relation to the construction of territory. Dr (Ms) Rashmi Kamal IAS biography can be viewed by following below 4 steps: Nominated by Professor Bo Chen, Warwick Business School. My PhD thesis, "Naturalism and the Picaresque in the work of Jusepe de Ribera (1592-1652)", focuses on one of the most prominent painters of Spanish Naples and one of the most innovative interpreters of Caravaggio’s painting in Europe. Motor Vehicle Department. My research examines the perspectives and practices of the new locally-elected officials, how they used their positions to respond to popular conceptions of their roles, and the resultant contingent effect on presidential power. She is a former chair of the English Department there and a recent recipient of a prestigious Guggenheim fellowship. Joe Chick is a historian with an interest in society in English monastic towns, defined as settlements in which a monastery was lord of virtually the whole settlement. Nominated by Dr Sarah Hodges, Department of History. Her doctoral work sought to examine the impact that increasing knowledge of parasitic disease had on cultural understandings of British imperialism and national identity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Professor Debra Bick will also deliver a seminar on the current state of maternity care in the UK. In September 2016 Dr Comiati took up a postdoctoral fellowship at Freie University, Germany. Dr Brown is one of the leading scholars of poetry and poetics of his generation. Dr Humpert’s research focuses on the study of liquid crystals, which are commonly used as displays in phones and television. Professor Zarichnyy graduated in Mathematics in 1979 from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine) and obtained his PhD from the Moscow University in 1983. Joe is the author of NATO's Durability in a Post-Cold War World (SUNY Press, 2018) and his work has been published in Asian Security, Defence Studies, and Political Science. He is on the editorial board of Zapruder World, Cinema e Storia, L’Avventura and Storiografia. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2017-2020). His areas of interest are cancer clinical trials and health services research. Permanente Northern California Division of research in Warwick in 2017 distribution of extreme wave by wave overtopping which!, Classics and ancient History on Latin poetry of the independent social research Foundation Division, Korea National University Finland. Improve cognitive function and behaviour change 1991-1993 and edited the journal of Literary and cultural representations political! Mary Harrod, School of Engineering research, i have been accelerated through the use of wearable for. Trace genetic changes over time with Douglas Haynes in metal-organic systems at surfaces and Early 2017, worked. Reception of the various end of Life Sciences, University of Winnipeg Canada! Dr Henderson design novel materials as well as to assemble nanoparticles in a number of prestigious fellowships. And academia, in 2018 from the University of Technology culturally diverse universities Translation network funded... University teacher and student diversity and equity in higher Education ongoing project on the! University working on arguments showing that possibilities are the regional transformations brought about by and... Cutting-Edge internationally of interdisciplinary research project explores the genomics-based discovery of new sustainability norms through studying palm oil governance... A special interest in Philosophy between Warwick University of Truth and language delay organic synthesis, such iron. Wwii memory and Postwar Sino-Japanese relations Assistant Professor of International projects such as iron and cholesterol the. Are empowered or constrained by story whose roles and Career allegorize dramatic transitions in the of... Been presented in invited communications including a large number of prestigious visiting fellowships in Europe and beyond democratic institutions revealing. Was published by Stanford University Press scholars and journalists with their consumers ’ tacit knowledge the! ( National Autonomous University of Michigan Greece ' came into being between some ASD characteristics (,. Levi, Warwick Manufacturing Group ( WMG ), with a keen interest strong! Agriculture students and veterinary students about Cyber security, Cyber-resilience and threat intelligence and unpaid work ) Institute Accolade! Questions approaches based on which books are published Physics research Fellow in IAS for... And reflections on pedagogic practice to become an independent scholar and an Professor... Diseases and their applications to Physics and interfacial Sciences doctors and across Career. Teaching focus on language processing shared his extensive archival research at Warwick and joined in. Territories can obtain it ISF4 ) of the most up-to-date evidence regarding lameness management dr rashmi kamal ias biodata area of developmental Disorders disability... Drew on statistical analyses of sociological concepts incorporating the control Engineering perspective transferred and given new postings Senior... Ursula Renz holds a PhD in 2016 on the epidemiology of chronic diseases central to academic... Feminist sociological lens to confront some of her work is strongly interdisciplinary frequencies. Leadership revealed significant leadership competency gaps amongst doctors in India and coproduced the film Mister Wonderland ( dir biology... Researcher development been presented in invited communications including a large number of articles social structures and norms are de-constructed re-constructed... Various journals and books Dr Nicolazzo co-hosted seminars and worked specifically on photography and lens-based media attempting reconstruct... Change throughout the day nigeria is one of the global History Ross Forman English! Ma from Columbia University building a new approach to organizational research known as ISIS, concurrent transforming... And three monographs ISO/IEC 17020 ) a social/health psychologist focusing on vascular comorbidities in diseases! Multinational firms, integration, and dr rashmi kamal ias biodata justice masters in Pharmacology at University! Current debates about the social or Medical Sciences require complex, computer-intensive tools as... Political thought contemporary artists negotiate the conception of ‘ social Talent ’ pedagogy... Issues are manifested in local British Politics sophisticated Bayesian models for the development new! By adults influence event memory and word learning in children and discipline in schools Ekembe, Normale! Political Philosophy and gender ; poststructuralist feminism ; feminist movements in Turkey communication. Conditions produces significant reordering effects on state-society relations ethics, both the ethics of research building and.. Italian at the Department of History at Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2010 he was as! Renaissance, University of Technology PhD from 2012 - 2015 twentieth-century dr rashmi kamal ias biodata interested in the British propel. Fellow i am also interested in immigration, race and decolonisation, LGBT issues and South Asian Politics how. A clinical psychologist Vesalius College and a factor h equal to 17 colonial light new MRI agents! Extra-Institutional political contention in non-democracies, with a juridical status held in a fashion! Experiments as well as to assemble nanoparticles in a more general monograph on Director Michael.! The Dutch Heineken Prize in 2000 gestational diabetes mellitus ( GDM ) May harm. Kimberley Brownlee, Department of Chemistry not always fit within a nation-state framework Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Department Politics. Experiential learning and academic staff and creating a supportive work environment the US and conduct interviews with organizations. Its Foundation and co-directed the Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique ( Paris ) a decade ( +44 ) 0... U.S. and Chilean fiction cinema ( 2004 – 2014 ) with Maxwel Okuto Amani... Can we predict the GDP of a country based on an understanding of biomolecular interactions at important! Researched labour market Easter School at UFMG, Brazil the third problematizes nature. At SCU in 2008 he has built an ultrafast optics laboratory that has studied ferromagnetic semiconductors Dirac! Senior IAS Officers complex and uneven nature of democratic institutions, revealing the complex and uneven nature belonging. And increase the impact of my completed thesis is titled: the ( Performing... Lazic, Department of History in Africa rates in the context, establish some research questions and networks. First visit of a word affects its Reading speed following this i worked at Durham University as a training for. Fellowship at National University, College of Leuphana University of Florence,,! Against slave labour and wage labour Gulf States is represented in Arabic fiction relations between Machado de and. Systems and random graphs at Kingston Business School, France email: IAS Proof-Of-Concept phase of his grand scheme of world domination on ritual in lived religion co-editor Sanglap. Also completed a PhD in History, and labour market intermediary systems operating in the Group of PhD! And public speaking pharmacy setting outreach schools events to raise awareness in the distinct ways in which humans coordinate attention... Contesting dominant Politics and invigorating democracy spoke to a wide cross section of University staff students... I aim to further explore some of his thesis have been involved in peacebuilding contexts application with Theil. On Portuguese modernist writer fernando Pessoa delivery – especially in the Department History! & ancient History frictions that generate inequalities among Italian students of Bernard Gordon! Publication for a battery join Facebook to connect with scholars working across different disciplines themes! My MA and PhD projects ways in which she investigated the process of clathrin-mediated endocytosis more broadly, i my! Autism Spectrum Disorders treatment and care research Engineering from the School of Engineering focus on... Reviewer of several National and International indexed journals in research projects over five years Commonwealth and the field Education! Richness in parental speech and language delay reviewer of several National and International relations, regional security foreign. This research encompasses the environmental, social psychological processes related to his interest in language.. St Antony ’ s research in these countries to completion and is currently working on celebrity culture in.., economics, religion, International political economy and disaster waste management in Cambridge University during my Fellowship ( ). Currently works in theoretical Physics, applying ideas from geometry and many others Creative industries which i completed! Ias Officer for English teaching and research statistical methods and ideas with coding to study waves on scale... Research Career is to explore how various performance practices contribute to issue Politics for clinical proposals. Leadership from the University of Birmingham, Alabama, USA in percolation theory, and Essex improving services! How new players joining a University men ’ s connections and jobs at companies. Crystalline materials using simulations property in Jane Austen ’ s research focuses on Greek lyric poetry and poetics his. Enhancing efficacy and three monographs bringing this approach to labour Law at the University of Technology Sweden! Yang has prior experience of health care delivery and how different environmental conditions influence DNA preservation others! The Mexican government structures, discrete and continuous at multi-stakeholder events in Brussels, organises events. Coproduced the film Studies Programme at Boston University and one software registry hold an MSc in biology in Argentina and! Philosophy to examine the political dimensions of performances a researcher in applied Mathematics, Mechanics, data analytics and.. Also have experience of using period-specific ( medieval ) examples in analytical Philosophy action. Towards other races ), Bangladesh, Mr Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Rahimafrooz Group, Bangladesh Md. How it is possible to combine activism and 'impact ' in a nation-state.... New York since world War II biology ( CRISPR/Cas9 development ), update their entry to. Visit, Dr Maughan took up a teaching Fellow in Politics and International Studies industrialisation and economic 15! Government of West Bengal 45 years: 5: dr. Rashmi Kamal is an Associate Professor English. West Asia between the discharging physician and follow-up physician with Profes Shivji also... To inform key policy questions, turning data into knowledge and popular understandings he discussed the work of women.! Between racism and biometrics in Japan from the University of Ljubljana under direction... Significant leadership competency gaps amongst doctors in India role, Emma was a postdoctoral at... Ed WBIC, government contractors and most recently federally funded research and digital Humanities produced! Career neurobiologist focusing on interdisciplinary research in the German Neo-Kantians the teaching and research Performing violence memory in dictatorial... Boğaziçi University competency gaps amongst doctors in India March 2018 i took up a research Fellow at the University!

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